Aquatic Bodywork

Aquatic Bodywork is warm water based massage therapy.  The recipient is floated on his or her back in salt-filtered 95 degree water in a serene and private space.  


I have been practicing various forms of Aquatic Bodywork for the past 8 years and believe it is the most healing modality I've ever witnessed.... not only for myself, but for my clients as well.  Time and again I hear from my clients that the two most beneficial aspects of Aquatic Bodywork are:

  1. Full-Body and Systemic Integration -   "the fluidity of the water, and floats provided allows the body to move and unwind as one..."

  2. Deep Release from the Inside Out - "the weightlessness, warmth and womb-like energy I felt with Drew really gave muscles that are always somewhat contracted to actually relax and surrender.... I felt like I had so much more access to my body for days after just one session"

I am a certified Agua Alma Aquatic Bodyworker and have over 400 hrs of training and practice in Watsu and Waterdance as well.  My ongoing training always help me refine techniques and better customize them to my wide range of clientele. 

My approach is 'adaptive' to the client's wants and needs... from body and anatomy-focused work to the more subtle and energetic.  All in the presence of deep loving care for one's healing process.

In addition to providing 1 on 1 sessions, I also give tutorials to small groups (2-6 people) of couples, friends, family, etc to teach the basics of aquatic bodywork at a non-professional level for the purpose of sharing very simple aspects of this profound modality. 

Watsu is the oldest main form of Aquatic Bodywork.  It is a combination of the words "Water" and "Shiatsu".  

Agua Alma...translating to "Water Soul" in Spanish, has been around for over 15 years, and is mainly distinct from Watsu in that it is based on Aston patterning  and has four distinct types of sessions that corresponds to the four element system.

Ai Chi, developed in Japan, is a form of aquatic exercise, therapy and meditation that bridges East and West philosophies, and integrates mental, physical, and spiritual energy.  It is based heavily on tai chi and qigong.  

"I am having all sorts of fun experimenting with new ways of taking care of myself. My FAVORITE so far is Watsu with Drew Kundtz! Yesterday, I felt like I was flying, being rocked in the womb, playing like an otter, laughing, moved to tears, and utterly, deeply relaxed and held in the safety of this man's ethical, kind, gifted arms. "

-Carolyn M.