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Rates and Packages

-My #1 goal is to make this unique work as affordable as possible

-As one can imagine, keeping a therapy pool at 95  , free of chlorine, and in a consistently pristine condition takes upkeep.

-Sliding scale options available pending discussion:

-Sessions are a minimum of 1 hr long and up to 3 hrs

  • One-Off/ Trial Session = $80/hr

  • Restoration Package (2 Sessions) = $70/hr

  • Deep Healing Package  (3-4 Sessions) = $60/hr

    • With 3-4 sessions we can dive deeper, try various modalities and focus on more comprehensive healing 

  • Transformation/Value Package (5+ sessions)  = $50/hr

    • With at least 5 sessions, your aquatic healing journey will take you to another level.  A new level of health and ease will be reached through repetition, frequency, diversity of modalities, consistent check-ins and coaching on body, mind and heart self-care both in and out the water. 

*Note: 10% discounts are given for referrals and group sign-ups! :-)

Drew Kundtz

San Francisco Bay Area​​

Main Pool Location: Oakland Foothills near the Claremont Hotel

Tel: 720-394-7980